Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rainy day thoughts

Spring is here. It has rained the last two days. The world is wet and brimming with life. Our apple blossoms are ready to burst open, the peas are growing great guns, and bird songs fill the air. The hill behind our house is shrouded in a heavy mist. The leaves are bringing their color to the landscape. There is an eerie, peaceful sort of feeling that comes from looking at the mist. It reminds me of "Much Afraid" as she is climbing the mountain. She is nearing her journey's end. Like "Much Afraid" I too am on a journey. I want to be shrouded by the mist of God. Not to act like a Christian, but be one. Letting Jesus live through me, obeying His spirit, listening for that still small voice and acting upon what I hear.

The battle for our lives seems to be raging hotter as we seek to obey the Lord and forsake our own agenda. The misty hill brings a sense of calm, coolness, refreshing. Sleepless nights, financial stress, and growing children stretch us, weaken us. Yet God is pleased, for we are where we are supposed to be- in our weakest state. Through our weakness He is made strong. When we run to Him and give Him our weakness he is whispering "Yes, this is what I have meant for you to do all along. Let me live through you." Why is it we think being a Christian makes our life easy? That if we manage our lives properly everything will turn out okay? "If I could just get enough sleep I would be cheerful" or "when I have enough money I will give". This is the way we think, but not what God thinks. He says "let me turn this impossible situation into something beautiful and let me work through you. Would you be my broken vessel?" The Lord will use anything to draw us to Himself. When we see the Lord work through our weakness, when we know it was not our own doing, but His alone, then there is a refreshing of the spirit, a joy that lifts the heavy heart. We have been emptied and Christ is living through us. That is what being a Christian is all about, our hearts desiring to live for Him, to be like Him. To let Him live through us.

Through trials, the Lord is opening our eyes to give thanks in ALL things. Though we do not often see the purpose or plan of God, we know what He has said to us, and we know that He is good. Nothing is wasted with God! Let our eyes continually be opened to the work He is doing in us and around us.

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Life As A Kaminski said...

Thanks sis for posting this:) I have been reading "Hinds Feet On High Places" of recent and have been convicted to the fact that I am often like "Much Afraid"...scared almost of things getting harder. And yet that is what God calls us do hard things for Him.